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My name is Emily Smith. I’m a modest fashion blogger busy blogging about how I modestly rock my favorite trends. I’m 26 yeas old, married to my love Jordan, and living in Lehi, Utah. I grew up in Utah as the oldest in a large family, attended a private school, and did gymnastics and cheer. In the last five years, I attended BYU, served an LDS mission in Guatemala, got married in the Manti Temple, and then graduated from the Advertising program at BYU and then worked at a naming firm in San Francisco called Eat My Words. I am now back at school getting my MBA at BYU. My husband is also in school school and is a high school football coach. I enjoy blogging, hanging out with our families, decorating our home, repainting furniture, (I’m almost always in the middle of painting something!) doing my own shellac nails, barre workouts, and eating candy!

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Emily Smith Modest Goddess

About This Blog

I created this modest fashion blog, Modest Goddess, with the single goal to increase the number of pictures of modest outfits that girls encounter on Pinterest and Instagram, as positive examples of modesty. I post modest outfit ideas and modest outfit tips (I often call these modesty hacks) to help girls who want to dress modestly and looking for cute modest outfit ideas that they can incorporate without sacrificing their modesty standards.



About Modesty

I write about the importance of modesty because I believe that one of the ways we show respect for ourselves and our Father in Heaven who made us, is by clothing our bodies both respectfully and beautifully. Below is an article I wrote for Celestial Shine magazine all about Modesty!

July Mini Mag 4 Free Digital for Emily's Followers

July Mini Mag 4 Free Digital for Emily’s Followers

Emily Smith from the blog Our Lovely Deseret: “In this issue, you can read my article about modesty title ‘Hemline to the Heart.’ This article focuses on the reasons behind why I dress modestly, a good read if you try to dress modestly, too, or if you’re just curious about what motivates me to do…

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We all define modestly differently and that’s okay! The most important thing is that you set a standard for yourself and live by it, no matter what, and don’t let the rest of the world define your standards for you. I’ve set the standards for myself to only wear clothing that covers everything from my shoulders to my knees, so clothing with sleeves that are capped sleeves and longer, and shorts, dresses, and skirts that are knee-length and longer, all with appropriate necklines as well.

About My Faith

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you can also refer to us as Mormons.

What are Mormons? We are Christians who believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God who came to earth to be our example, pay for our sins, and establish his true church. Shortly after his death and resurrection, the apostles He’d left in hThe Resurrected Jesus Christ by Harry Andersonis stead were also killed and the true church was found no more upon the Earth. God waited patiently until the world developed into the state it needed to be in to support His church, until a time where the Bible was available in English and the freedom of religion was adequately protected. So in 1830, God and his son Jesus Christ appeared to a young man, Joseph Smith, who was inquiring in prayer about which church was the true church, and they answered that all of them were good, but none of them had His proper authority. Jesus called Joseph to be His prophet and directed him to restore His true church on the earth, with God’s authority, the Priesthood, to perform the sacred ordinances needed for salvation, like baptism. Joseph translated an ancient record from the peoples of the Americas, published as the Book of Mormon, which gives an account of Jesus Christ’s visit to the Americas after his resurrection 2000 years ago. The Mormons was persecuted for their beliefs that were not easily accepted by neighboring Christian religious, and after many relocations, the Mormon pioneers walked west to Utah where they could freely practice their religion. Since then the church as flourished and quickly expanded worldwide, always with a prophet and apostles doing God’s will to lead His church.

What do Mormons believe? Mormons believe that Jesus is the son of God, our Savior, our brother, and our friend. We believe that he paid for our sins when he performed the atonement, beginning in the Garden of Gethsemane, continuing onWhat is The Book of Mormon the cross at Calvary, and ending with his glorious Resurrection. We believe that God loves every single one of his children and he wants all of us to return to live with him again. God gave all of us agency, the ability to make our own choices. Because we won’t always make correct choices, Jesus paid for our sins so that we can be made clean again, each and every time we repent. Because Jesus was resurrected all of us will also live again! We believe that all people will be resurrected, after which we will be judged by God according to our works here on the Earth. We believe that the family is the most important thing in the world because we believe families will be together forever and that marriages and families will continue after death. Our Savior Jesus Christ is the only way back to Him. We believe that both the Bible, Book of Mormon, and all other latter day revelations from God’s prophets are the Word of God. We believe that living by the teachings of the church help us to be our best selves, achieve happiness in the home, and will ultimately guide us to reach our eternal potential.

Some interesting things about us. Mormons are friendly people who love and respect people of all religions. Salt Lake City Temple blossoms from Rachel ParcellWe attend church on Sundays in our Chapels and we also worship in sacred buildings called Temples. I was married in one! The photo to the right is the Salt Lake Temple, photo by Rachel Parcell.) We believe in respecting and caring for our bodies: we are counseled to dress modestly, not to get tattoos, girls not to get more than one ear piercing, and to avoid extremes in hair and grooming. We are also counseled to listen to and watch good things and not to speak vulgarly. We believe in serving each other, our neighbors, friends, and strangers, as all are our brothers and sisters and that is  what Jesus would do. We may serve church missions as single adults, and also as married couples. Mormon missionaries serve in countries all over the world, inviting people to learn about Jesus.

To read more about my wedding and about Temple Marriage, see this post.

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