“Blush Moto” Blush Moto Jeggings

I discovered a new favorite modest shop this past year called Wight Gold, run by the Camille Wight! (I love the way the name cleverly plays off her last name, you know me and names!) Camille is beautiful inside and out and picks only the most trendy and modest pieces for her boutique, something I admire greatly, especially when that means there are blush moto jeggings!

I picked some adorable blush moto jeggings and a faux tied beige/grey heather top from her shop. I like the detail on these stretchy blush moto jeans, the zippers are so cute! I also like the way the top has tied itself so I don’t have to think about side-tucking my top all day (like I usually do!)


These Proverb Band bracelets are a new staple around here. Proverb Band is a jewelry company started by my friend and blogger Mallory Gifford. A portion of the proceeds to to support the healing of women who have suffered sexual abuse, specifically paying for them to attend The Haven Retreat. What an incredible mission! Each band has a gospel phrase on the outside, and a scripture reference on the inside and there are so many to choose from, you are bound to find one that fits you regardless of your religion.

Moto Jeggings: Wight Gold | Tied Top: Wight Gold 

Bracelets: Proverb Band | Necklace: Jcrew via Uptown Cheapskate (thrifted)

Hat: HM | Bag: HM | Shoes: Uptown Cheapskate (thrifted)