Boho Beauties

Three gorgeous local bloggers and I decided to style a boho brunch as an excuse to get together to wear our favorite fall boho trends! Who doesn’t love a boho style tea party in the mountains just for the fun of it!?


Boho trends and fall fashion go together like coconut & diet coke (which by the way, if you haven’t tried it, is AMAZING!). I love Autumn trends because they incorporate lower hemlines, allow for natural layering, and everything in the stores is no longer cutout and transparent everywhere you look! Instead regular stores carry clothes with sleeves, middles, and legs! (Three cheers for fall for making modest style just a tad bit easier than the last 4 months!) So, let’s take advantage of the following modest fall boho trends and rock our runways: whether they be your hallway at home or the hallway at work or campus!
Modest Fall Boho Trends:
Knee-length and longer flowy dresses
Layers of sweaters
Long curls
Flower Crowns
Headpieces / chains
Bib Necklaces / Layers of Necklaces
Arm Candy (layers of bracelets & bangles)
So if you haven’t tried these trends already, pick one (or them all, like we did!) and give them a whirl before Winter is upon us!
The following shoot was made possible by these three gorgeous local bloggers:
WhitJXOXO @whitjxoxo
While Camden Sleeps @whilecamdensleeps
Sandy a la Mode @sandyalamode
Me, Lovely Deseret @lovely_deseret
Behind-the-Scenes Team
Photography: Ashley Eliza Photography @ashleyelizaphotography
Paper Flower Garland & Paper Flower Crowns: The Lovely Ave @thelovelyave
Cake & Mini Cupcakes: The Chocolate Dessert Cafe @thechocodc
Make-up: Rachel Kae Jenkins @rachelkaejenkins

Individual Outfit Details

DSC_0144boho style

Blogger Above: Sandy a la Mode @sandyalamode | Custom Dress by Janay Marie Designs @janay.marie | Hair Extensions: Laced Hair Extensions @lacedhairextensions

boho styleboho style

Blogger Above: WhitJXOXO @whitjxoxo | Dress: Brass Button Clothing @brassbuttonclothing | Kimono: J.A.G. Co @jag_co | Bracelets: Ellies Sparkles @elliessparklesboho style modesty hackboho style modesty hackboho style modesty hack

Blogger Above: While Camden Sleeps @whilecamdensleeps | Dress: Modcloth @modcloth altered with her own modesty hacks (she is awesome at altering clothing to fit her modesty standards! Check out her blog for more!) | Bracelet: Rock & Bone @rock_bone

boho styleboho style

Blogger Above: WhitJXOXO @whitjxoxo | Dress and Sweater: Hope Ave. @hope.ave | Bracelets: @elliessparkles

Photography from this point on is by Diana Putnam Photography @dianaputnamphotography.


Blogger Above: Me | Dress: Hot Commodesty @hotcommodesty | Nude Slip: Honey of California @honeyofcalifornia | Chunky Turquoise Necklace: Modern & Chic @modernandchic (& more layers of necklaces borrowed from my cousin, Tines & Turquoise | Bracelets: Brooks and Bangles @brooksandbangles | Earrings: Wishlist Jewelry @wishlistjewelry | Hair: Emma’s Parlour @emmas_parlour


Here’s a closer look at how I wore this dress with a nude slip from Honey of California to solve the transparent back! The rest of this dress is modest so it could also be worn with a nude tee to solve the problem of the transparent back.

And yes, my hair is back to dark! Emma’s Parlour dyed my hair back to a nice chocolate brown to match my dark 18″ hair extenions (sew-ins) that I last used for my wedding. (good thing hair never goes bad if you take care of it!) My hair grew and I didn’t need them anymore so I took them out and haven’t put them back in again  till now since I cut my hair shorter for the summer. I LOVE having my long locks back! Warning: sew-in extensions DO ache for about a week after you put them in or get the braid tightened. Then they are rather itchy for about another week. Then they are fine 🙂

Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-50Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-01Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-49Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-03Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-48Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-08Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-15Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-47Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-17Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-46Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-25Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-44Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-43Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-26Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-37boho styleLovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-36Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-53Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-33Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-32Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-30Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-55Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-29Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-28Lovely-Deseret-Modest-fall-boho-Diana-Puntnam-Photography-57