DIY Pom-Pom Heels Tutorial

DIY pom-pom heels tutorial.
I’ve wanted pom-pom heels ever since I first pinned them on Pinterest! So I decided to try my very own super easy DIY pom-pom heels tutorial!


  • A plain pair of heels that need some love.
  • (2) Giant Pom Poms (I found mine for a couple dollars at Hobby Lobby in the craft pom-pom aisle)
  • A hot glue gun & glue stick.


  1. Squeeze some hot glue directly on a shoe exactly where you want your pom pom to be
  2. Place a pom-pom on the glue and hold it there till it doesn’t move.
  3. Lift up the edges of the pom pom and squeeze some extra clue around the bottom of the pom-pom & hold again.
  4. Repeat on the 2nd shoe

Modest-Goddess-DIY-pom-pom-heels-tutorial-02DIY pom-pom heels tutorial.Modest-Goddess-DIY-pom-pom-heels-tutorial-04

DIY pom-pom heels tutorial.

I can’t wait to try this with a pear of pumps or flats next!

Leave me a comment if you try this tutorial, I’d love to see your pom-pom heels!

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