“Graceful Thoughts” LDS General Conference

Today is General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In our church we have a worldwide conference twice a year that is broadcast from Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. The prophet, twelve apostles and others called by God to lead His church speak concerning the gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage us all! Tune in now for the last session HERE!Thoughts on General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Emily Smith fashion blogger Lovely Deseret

I love General Conference! The speakers at General Conference give words of encouragement like maintaining faith. They also address issues of the world like upholding God’s organization of families. They also reveal God’s will regarding the church like announcing new temples. Three new temples were announced today that will soon begin construction! They will be in Haiti, Africa, and Thailand!Lovely Deseret General Conference HeaderLovely Deseret General Conference HeaderGeneral Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with Lovely Deseret and Modest Style

My favorite thing to do when it’s time for General Conference is to spend some time before it starts contemplating and make a list of the questions I have in life that I want to have answered. Then I take some time to pray and tell God about my questions in my heart and ask for his help to hear the answers during General Conference. I highly recommend this method of listening to Conference because it trains my ears to stay tuned to what I need to hear for ME and I’m more likely to hear the little messages that Heavenly Father sneaks into the talks especially for me! Below is the list of questions I made for myself this General Conference.

Questions to Answer during General Conference:
1. How can I maintain hope in this life?
2. When things are affecting my life that I cannot change, what CAN I do to positively affect the situation?
3. What was I sent to this Earth to do? And how should I do it? (A question posed by my darling Mission President’s wife Sister Watts at our mission reunion on Friday.)
4. When should we start our family?

Lovely Deseret General Conference Header

I’ll add onto this post with my notes from general conference and my answers to these questions after conference is over! You can watch it on LDS.org HERE or on BYUtv.

I had fun styling this outfit for General Conference with Keara from Modest Style Blogtemple! I just love our coordinating coral colors and I love tulle and sequins together!Lovely Deseret General Conference HeaderLovely Deseret General Conference Header