“Concealed by Camo” How to Dress for Concealed Carry Style

I understand that this post may not apply to or please everyone, but if it applies to you and your beliefs, please read on!

Why I carry a firearm

I am a very patriotic person and I come from a very patriotic family. I was actively taught about the Constitution of the United States and it’s coming about by divine intervention and inspiration. I believe that our nation’s Founding Fathers had missions to establish the framework of this great nation so that much good could be brought about by way of it. The United States of America and it’s respect of individual freedoms has been the means of so much good in this world. I am so grateful and proud to be an American.

I also believe that our nation has sustained his success by being a government by and for the people. By setting up checks and balances within the government, and by the people keeping tabs on the government, we are able to keep people with malicious intent from gaining power. It is because I believe this that I believe in the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms. We the people need to make sure that we can protect ourselves, our family, and our liberties, should anyone (including, heaven forbid, an infringing government) infringe on our rights to life, liberty, or property. We must have a means by which to stand up and defend ourselves should worse come to worse. And that is why I own a gun.

We also need to have a way to defend ourselves should an unstable individual acquire a gun (because trust me, no matter what kind of legislation exits, bad guys will always find weapons and harm good people with.) I never want to find myself or my family in a situation where bad guys have taken control and no good guys have a way to get us out of it. I think a world in which 50% + of good people were carrying would be a wonderful thing. I encourage everyone interested to look into the concealed carry laws in their state and to take the necessary steps to obtain their own concealed carry permit. And that is why I carry a gun.

Modest Goddess styles a modest camo shirt and baseball cap, patriotic style.

How to dress for concealed carry

I don’t carry my firearm as often as I should but I have recently discovered that is much easier to conceal a small firearm than I originally thought, especially with all of the loose and flowy top trends right now! I have found that my firearm can only be noticed by anyone else if they hug me an feel the hard holster shell, or when I bend over and bulges against my shirt a bit (which still aren’t any sort of problems.)

For this particularly patriotic Independence Day look I chose this faded army camo v-neck with a scoop hemline and this entire outfit from Filly Flair. I love the way this top can be worn as an every-day patriotic top, or it’s especially perfect for Fourth of July weekend style! These faded distressed denim jeans make it a perfect combo. And of course to make it my own I styled it with this blush suede baseball hat & matching blush suede shoes!

Modest Goddess styles a modest camo shirt with distressed jeans and baseball cap, patriotic style. Modest fashion blogger Modest Goddess styles a modest camo shirt and baseball cap, patriotic style. Modest fashion blogger Modest Goddess styles a modest camo shirt and pink suede baseball cap, as a modest patriotic style. Modest fashion blogger Modest Goddess styles a modest camo shirt and pink suede baseball cap, patriotic style.


My Holster

I had been looking for a holster for a while and kept coming back to Flashbang Holsters! Flashbang is an incredible brand because they create holsters especially for women, they are comfortable, they are crafted out of real leather, and they are proudly made in the USA.

I picked the Ava Holster because it has double clips that easily slide onto the waistband of any style of pants, no belt needed (since I almost never wear a belt.) It can be worn appendix style (on the front), on the hip, on the side of the back, or even in the small of the back. It has an extremely comfortable flat suede back panel that lays flat against your back so you cannot feel the shape of your firearm, even when sitting! You can even order the back of the suede (the part that doesn’t show) in various colors. It is available in perfect fits for multiple different firearms so take a look and see if they have one for yours! It’s $65 and worth every penny.

Flashbang Holster - Ava Holster

I have also tried spandex shorts holsters that have a pocket on each side of the back. These were comfortable until you actually carry a firearm and can feel it against your body (when sitting in a chair or the car.) I also didn’t like wearing an extra layer of clothing when it’s so warm out.

I think this particular holster is the most comfortable to wear in the small of the back. This presented a dilemma: as a right-handed shooter, should I get a right-handed holster (palm in) or left-handed holster (palm out) if I want to wear it in the small of my back? I did some research and found that although it seems like a good idea to wear a left handed holster in the small of your back (for an easier draw) it actually puts you in a more dangerous position when drawing. If you draw right-handed from a left-handed holster (palm out) you must tuck  four of your fingers around the inside of the gun and can easily end up with your finger on the trigger and most dangerously your arm aims the gun directly at your own body for a microsecond while you draw. If you draw from the right-handed (palm-in) position you only need to get your thumb around the inside of the gun and when drawing the gun immediately points at the floor, not your body. So I went with a right-handed holster. It is a more awkward draw from the small of the back, but possible, and safer. I can also then slide it to the right side of my back, my right hip, or my right front and not have to worry about switching holsters. So right-handed it is! I hope that helps any of you wondering the same thing.

Modest camo shirt patriotic outfit concealed carry style.Modest camo shirt patriotic outfit concealed carry outfit style.

(Obviously I would never display it like this but this is for your understanding of how the holster works.)Patriotic outfit concealed carry fashion.