“All Is Well” Receiving Personal Revelation at General Conference


This quote was illustrated for me by calligrapher Melissa Esplin as part of her quote calligraphy series. I picked this quote because last October I attended the LDS General Conference Sunday Morning session with so many questions in my heart, mostly about my trials. Then the choir sang this hymn so beautifully that it stopped my scared thoughts right in their tracks and I knew immediately that all was well. Everything would be fine, I just knew it. The Lord has us in his hands and He’d warn me if something was wrong, but if He’s not freaking out then all must be going according to plan and I shouldn’t freak out either. All is going to be okay. All is well. ?

All is Well quote Calligraphy by Melissa Esplin

Here is the song that the choir sang that beautiful Sunday morning. I start feeling all of the feelings at about 3:15 in.
If you have questions in your own heart and you’d like to find peace through answers like these too, you can see the talks from last October’s conference here, or the upcoming spring General Conference is this weekend! I’ll be streaming the sessions on my blog or they’ll also be on BYUTV or LDS.org
Before you watch, write down a list of questions that you have, questions about anything. Then say a prayer that you will receive the inspiration that you need to answer these questions. I promise that if you listen with real intent to receive your answers, you will find them. They will come as little feelings in your heart, through the Holy Ghost who Jesus sent here to be our comforter. When we have questions about our lives and we receive inspiration from the Lord about what we should do, this is called personal revelation and most definitely can receive it straight from God.
We also believe this concept of revelation expands beyond that of personal revelation. We believe that the leaders speaking to the world in General Conference were called by God to be such, and that they receive revelation from Him about the church, what they should say, and as prophets and apostles, they receive and declare these answers to all of us, as mouthpieces of the Lord. They Many people believe that Revelation like this happened in Bible times, but they also believe it ended with the last page of the Bible. But the loving, caring, glorious God that I know wants to talk to us in our day just as much as he did back then. He has not left us in the dark. He wants to reveal to us the answers that trouble us, and all we have to do is ask.