“Married for Time & Eternity” Mormon Couple Wedding Videos

This weekend my husband Jordan and I are celebrating our 3-year wedding anniversary! We were married in the LDS Manti Temple 3 years ago and I can’t imagine my life without him! It’s weird thinking back to a time when we didn’t even know each other! I’m so glad I picked him because I truly think we are perfect for each other. That doesn’t mean it’s picture perfect, it’s hard sometimes too! But when life is hard, one of us is always strong when the other is weak, one of us always knows what to say, and one of us is always there to cheer the other up. That’s what it means to be each other’s second half. I’m not complete without him!

For us our wedding videos were the most important thing of the whole wedding! We stalked so many cute mormon couple temple videos before our big day. We went with 2 different videographers worked hard to make the following 5 videos for us to treasure of our wedding day! You can find all of them below:

Proposal Video: by Jared Fadel Find it under “Bonus Features”

Engagement Video: by Jared Fadel Find it under “Bonus Features” (we filmed this video when we took our engagement pictures)

Wedding Video Teaser: by Chris McClain Find it under “Bonus Features” (we filmed this video when we took our bridal pictures and showed it at our reception)

Wedding Video Final: by Chris McClain Find it under “Temple” (teaser video with added footage from our actual wedding day)

Reception Video: by Jared Fadel Find it under “Reception”



Wondering why there was no footage of our actual wedding? See my blog post about our mormon temple wedding.

Want to know more about my dress? See my blog post about my modest wedding dress.

One more post still to come about the details of our wedding reception (but you can watch the reception video above!)