“Mentionables” Our Model-Free Lingerie Shop

I’ve always thought that lingerie is so beautiful, personal, feminine, and fun! However, I’ve always thought lingerie shopping was tricky and uncomfortable. Shopping for lingerie online always leads to dozens of scandalous photos, and lingerie shopping at the store is either expensive or overly suggestive! A few years ago I had the idea to start a lingerie shop that didn’t use photos so when I met someone who had the same thought I knew this had to happen!

I met my cofounder Emily Kelly when her husband, my MBA classmate, suggested we would make good friends! I’m so glad we decided to go to lunch that day! Our common goal came up, we decided right then and there to just do it, and in 2 weeks were were already on our way to our first trade show in Vegas!

We opened our online lingerie store called Mentionables in March and it’s been a big hit on Instagram and social media! Our customers love the way our clean, safe, happy website makes it comfortable and encouraging to shop for lingerie now! Many even have written that they now include their husband in their shopping, they aren’t afraid to open our promotional emails or shop on our site in public, they are happy they no longer feel like they are comparing themselves to the model, and that it’s a safe place for single friends to shop for girlfriends that are getting married! All of these responses make me feel so happy and proud that we are working so hard to have made this dream come true!

I suppose it could be considered the first-ever modest lingerie site: the site is modest, not the lingerie, of course 🙂

The past few months have been a whirlwind of lace and femininity and I’ve loved all of it!

Mentionables model-free lingerie company.