LDS Temple Clothing Directory

Modest Fashion Blogger Modest Goddess curated a list of LDS temple clothing brands with cute LDS temple dresses.

Womens White Temple Dresses

Ella and Anne (5 styles)

Carissa Miss (one style, least expensive)

Dressed in White (various styles and products)

House of Order (custom-made, most expensive, ideal for brides – see my dress)

Nauvoo Dreams (handmade in Australia)

Pure. (3 styles)

Q.Noor  (7 styles)

Suvas Creations (custom orders, handmade, DM to order)

The Temple Collection by Brigitte Brianna (4 styles)


Mens White Temple Pants

Far West Clothing (no pleats)


Modest fashion blogger Modest Goddess talks about her favorite white temple dress, custom made temple dresses from House of Order Clothing.