Modest Sister Missionary Clothing Directory

Modest Fashion Blogger Modest Goddess curated a list of modest sister missionary clothing with cute LDS sister missionary outfits.

Welcome to the Modest Sister Missionary Clothing Directory! This is a collection of shops vetted and approved by me to provide a quality selection of modest sister missionary clothing for sister missionaries shopping and packing for their missions!

LDS Sister Missionary clothing standards require clothing to be loose fitting dresses and skirts that cover the knees and dresses and tops that cover the shoulders with modest necklines. Bright happy colors and prints are encouraged, though extravagance to the point of it distracting at all from your name tag or your message is discouraged.

Clothing should easily allow for daily missionary activities like walking and sitting. If you haven’t yet received your mission call, you may find it best not to stock up on clothing items too much just yet until you know what kind of conditions you will be serving in, as climate and expected walking/biking/hiking will vary greatly depending on your call.

See the official Sister Missionary Dress & Grooming Guidelines published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Modest Sister Missionary Clothing Directory

Apostolic Clothing Apostolic Clothing

A darling online modest clothing boutique with knee length and midi skirts so perfect you’ll have a full cart in no time (but no worries, the prices are perfect too!)



agnes and dora modest skirts, modest dresses, and leggingsAgnes & Dora

This darling online shop is overflowing with modest skirts and dresses! Perfect for daily missionary wear!




Carissa Miss Logo modest clothing shopCarissa Miss

Original modest dress designs mixed with sourced dress boutique goodness. Designer Carissa’s original casual and dressy dress designs are absolutely amazing and affordable!



Dainty JewellsDainty Jewells Modest Clothing

An adorably modest clothing company with a mission and a large collection of modest dresses in all sizes to prove it. These dresses are slightly fancier and are best for city missions, Sundays, or the MTC.


downeast basics modest clothing shopDowneast Basics

Downeast Basics will forever be my first modest-clothing love. From their life-changing layering tees to their adorable modest dresses and skirts, you’ll LOVE this site!


Dreaming in Pink Boutique modest clothing shopDreaming in Pink Boutique

This darling online shop is overflowing with modest skirts and dresses in only the cutest of styles!



Florence Adams logoFlorence Adams

An online modest clothing shop with affordable modest dresses perfect for daily missionary wear!


flor de luz shop mexican dressesFlor de Luz Shop

This shop sells colorful, breezy mumus or mexican dresses covered in typical embroidery making each piece uniquely different. These lightweight sundresses are perfect for saying cool and modest in the hot summer!


modest shop Great Lengths Clothing LogoGreat Lengths Clothing

One of my newest modest shop discoveries with one of the cleverest of names!


Hot Commodesty LogoHot Commodesty

A new online shop selling only modest clothing, specifically modest skirts and dresses!


modest clothing shop I shop Simply logoI Shop Simply

An online modest shop selling only modest clothing from modest skirts to dresses to cute modest tops!


Kingdom and State logoKingdom & State

An online modest shop with an original modest clothing line.


Latter Day Sister Missionary clothing logoLatter Day Sister Missionary

A collection of adorable reversible skirts, perfect for Sister Missionaries packing their entire wardrobe into a few suitcases!


layers clothing modest apparelLayers Clothing

With their newest release of a modest cotton dress line, this is is going to be your new favorite shop for summer dresses


London Bridges DesignsLondon Bridges Clothing

An Etsy shop full of comfortable modest dresses in fun prints and patterns for you and your little ones!


mikarose modern modest apparelMikarose

Mikarose is overflowing with darling dresses and skirts that are as modest as they are modern and flattering.


mindy maes market logoMindy Maes Market

This little gem of an online boutique as got their style down to an art! From the zippers to the pockets to the stripes I love everything this site releases! Keep an eye on their cute midi skirts.



Mod Bod LogoModbod

Modest tops and other modest clothing in addition to lots of modesty essential pieces.


Modique Logo modest clothing shopModique

A modest clothing company selling it’s own original modest dresses you can’t find anywhere else!


Modli modest fashion marketplaceModli

A platform full of many of these modest shops listed here are and more where modest shops sell their collections. Think of it as an Etsy of modest fashion!


modestly chic apparelModestly Chic Apparel

Providing exactly as their name promises, modest and chic dresses and skirts everywhere you look! (Site currently undergoing maintenance)


my sister's closet boutiqueMy Sister’s Closet Boutique

All of the modest dresses and skirts, could possibly crave all in one cute online shop.



Modest Sleepwear Needham Lane LogoNeedham Lane

Modest sleepwear in so many adorable prints and colors perfect for the MTC and missionary apartment pajamas!


Modest dresses Neesee's Dresses logo

Neeses Dresses

Beautiful modest dresses and skirts.

Piper Street Shop logoPiper Street Shop

Modest skirts and dresses for days fill the collections of this online shop and adorable insta feed.



Poppywells modest clothing online boutiquePoppywells Shop

A new online boutique full of modest clothing options. My favorite are the swing dresses



peek-a-boo chic skirt extendersPeek-a-boo Chic

Skirt extenders are perfect for slipping underneath those skirts or dresses that are a tad too short! LOVELY20 for 20% off Exp. July 4th, 2015


poppy and dot women's online boutiquePoppy & Dot

The girls running this online shop have both inspiring taste and standards I admire and crave! They recently released a new line of of modest cotton dresses in cute prints!


Ruby Claire BoutiqueRuby Claire Boutique

An online boutique featuring a collection by one of my favorite bloggers, Maskcara!



shabby apple modest fashionShabby Apple

Modest dresses fit for Sundays, bridesmaids, temple days, and lunch dates!


She traveled sister missionary clothingShe Traveled

Modest skirt and top sets designed especially for sister missionaries and wearable by all!


shop modestly hotShop Modestly Hot

Every item is handpicked by a modest blogger Modestly Hot with modesty and fashion in mind.


simply sage market modest clothingSimply Sage Market

An online shop you’ll want to just pick up and put in your pocket.. I mean closet! Modest & chic! LOVELY15 for 15% off! Exp. July 16th


Sister Missionary Mall LogoSister Missionary Mall

A one-stop-shop for everything a sister missionary needs from clothing to shoes to bags!


Sorella Bella sister missionary clothingSorella Bella

Adorable modest dresses, skirts, tops, and slips picked especially for hardworking sister missionaries! (Sorella is “Sister” in Finnish 🙂


Modest clothing shop Sweet Salt LogoSweet Salt

Modest basics, tops, skirts, and dresses!


Modest Shop Tamar Landau Logo

Tamar Landau

Vintage-inspired modest dresses with 3/4 length or long sleeved dresses and midi or maxi length hems! Customize their bridesmaid dresses in your color, choice of sleeve length and choice of hem length!

Tara Lynn's Boutique logoTara Lynn’s Boutique

One of my favorite new modest online shops because of the sheer number of modest skirts and dresses!



trendy wendy'z boutiqueTrendy Wendyz

Beautiful modest skirts you already love since you’ve probably seen and repinned on Pinterest!





Sister Missionary Bags

Zion Bags Sister Missionary bagsZion Bags

The perfect sister missionary bag! This bag will save your back on your mission because instead of wearing it like a backpack, you buckle it around your waist, letting your hips (where women carry weight most easily.) It can easily be worn walking and hiking all day. It easily swings around to the front for easy access and has lot of pockets for storage. It has reflectors, durable fabric, & a rain cover.