Modest Swimwear Directory

The following modest swimwear shops have collections of modest swimsuits that are moderate coverage, meaning higher necklines, minimal or no midriff exposure. These are swimsuits that fit my personal standards of swimsuit modesty, in-line with the widely accepted Mormon swimsuit modesty standards. Buying a modest swimsuit is personal and you may find yourself feeling more or less comfortable in some of these more than others and that’s okay! Pick the swimsuit you feel the most comfortable in that fits your own modesty standards.

See all of the modest swimsuits that I’ve featured on my blog!

Modest Goddess, a modest fashion blogger, styles a modest peplum swimsuit from Rey Swimwear in Hawaii. Utah modest fashion blogger styles a modest swimsuit from kortni jeane swimwear with a v neck peplum top and striped vintage bikini bottom. Modest fashion blogger Modest Goddess styles a colorful modest lace-up swimsuit from Coral Reef Swim. This colorful modest one-piece swimsuit has a colorful bird print, a lace-up back, and a modest neckline.

Albion Fit Swimwear

Beverly Swimwear (see my peplum swimsuit)

Buzz Swimwear

Called to Surf

Candy Strand (see my reversible swimsuit)

Coral Reef Swim (see my lace-up one-piece)

Curl Gurl Swimwear (see my strappy striped one-piece)

Doliray Swimwear (see my navy romper swimsuit)

Downeast Swimwear (see my one-piece swimsuit)

Ele Swims

Floral Lemon (launching soon!)

Harpari Swimwear

Hush & Salt Swimwear (see my tankini swimsuit)

Janalee Walton (currently unavailable, new collection launching next year)

Janela Bay Swimwear (see my high-necked halter swimsuit)

June Loop (see my high waisted swimsuit)

Kenna Swims

Kingdom & State Swimwear

Kortni Jeane (see my peplum swimsuit & my midikini swimsuit)

Layers Clothing Swims (see my dalmatian print swimsuit)

Lime Ricki Swimwear (see my modest two-piece swimsuit)

Mikarose Swimwear (see my flamingo swimsuit)


Pak Pak

Palm Palm Swim

Pines & Palms Swim

Pink Desert Swimwear (see my v-neck swimsuit)

Rad Swim (see my black fringe, mint sequin, & neoprene swimsuits)

Raising Wild Swim

Rey Swimwear (see my peplum swimsuit)

Sexy Modest Boutique Swim

Shabby Apple Swimwear

Shop Stevie

Target Swimwear

Mermaids have more fun. This mermaid one piece swimsuit is perfect in every way! modest floral swimsuit in stripe and hawaiin floral print with a peplum top and vintage bikini bottoms from Beverly Swimwear Modest fashion blogger Modest Goddess reviews a flamingo modest tankini swimsuit from Mikarose swim on a flamingo floatie!

If you need modest swimwear that is high coverage, meaning swimdresses, or attached leggings and skirts, you’d like the following modest skirted swimwear shops!

Cover Up For Christ Swimwear

Ella Mae Swimwear


Swim Zip (see my striped coverup)

Undercover Waterwear