“Our Wedding Day” Happy Anniversary to Us

Today my husband Jordan and I are celebrating our anniversary after being married in the Manti Utah Temple on April 30th two years ago! It’s been the best two years of my entire life filled with both joy and trials, both romance and disagreements, and both successes and failures but we went through it all together!

Lovely Deseret talks about her temple wedding in the mormon temple in Manti Utah Ciara RIchardson Photography

I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (you may also reffer to us as “Mormons” which is perfectly fine as well.) In my religion we have regular chapels where we meet on Sundays for weekly worship but we also have buildings called temples that are even more beautiful and we revere them as even more sacred where we go for special occasions. There are 144 temples across the world and every single one is absolutely stunning inside and out, from the flowers to the windows. We believe that to be married in the temple is the most special thing on earth and in heaven. We believe that when you make covenants to each other in one of these sacred temples, that your marriage transcends death: the words “‘Tll death do you part,” do not exist in the temple because we believe that we’ll be married for time and all eternity, forever and ever. We call it being “sealed” together, a binding so strong that death itself can’t break you apart. I think it’s the most romantic thing in the world.

So, as you can imagine, being raised as a Mormon girl, I’d wanted to be married in the temple to the man of my dreams my entire life. There are so many beautiful temples to choose from here in Utah and all of them are gorgeous! My husband’s ancestors actually helped to build the temple in Manti, UT in 1877 and ever since then they’ve had a tradition of being married there. So we were married in the gorgeous Manti Temple which is now like my own castle!

These are the pictures from immediately after we walked out of the temple to greet all of our friends and family for the first time as husband and wife! EMILY_JORDAN_WED_1 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_2 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_3 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_4 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_5 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_6 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_7 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_8 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_9 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_10 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_11 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_13 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_14 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_15 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_16 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_17 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_18 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_20 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_21 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_22 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_23 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_25 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_26 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_27 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_28 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_29 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_30 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_33 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_35 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_34 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_36 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_41 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_42 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_47 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_38 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_50 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_51 EMILY_JORDAN_WED_52  EMILY_JORDAN_WED_54My Grandpa above (we call him Papa), regularly marries/seals people in the temple. So we were so blessed to have the honor of being married by my own Grandpa. It was the most special thing I could have ever wished for.


I was giddy the entire day and I truly have no words left to describe how much this day truly felt like a dream come true. I married the most amazing man in the most amazing place and now we get to be together forever!