“Super Birthday Bowl” A Super Bowl Birthday Party

Super Birthday Bowl Super Bowl Birthday Party

My birthday often falls on or near the Super Bowl! My husband is a high school football coach so the Superbowl is one of his favorite days of the year and I graduated with an Advertising degree from BYU so I love the Superbowl commercials, so the Superbowl is the one day a year where our two interests literally collide into one amazing day of birthday/Superbowl fun! So, the past few years we’ve decided to throw a “Super Birthday Bowl” to celebrate my birthday and the Superbowl with our friends and family in one awesome combo event! My husband’s grandma has her birthday within a day of mine so we always include her too!

I married into an awesome family and have the best mother-in-law who loves throwing parties and making crafty things just like me! So we combined our efforts and decorated for this party together! We decided on a green/turf, brown, black/white stripes, and silver color scheme.

I found these balloon letters, field banner, and green/white/silver tassel banner at Zurchers. I added the brown tassels to incorporate our party’s color scheme. I used striped wrapping paper for the third banner. I printed the letters and taped them to the banners which was pretty easy.Super Birthday Bowl Super Bowl Birthday Party

Something you have to know about me is I LOVE candy. So it is only fitting that at my parties there is always a snack bar or a candy bar of some kind! (You’d better believe there was a giant candy bar at my wedding!) We found these adorable little football-themed disposable containers for guests to scoop their candy into so they coul eat them at their seats.

I think my favorite thing on this table are the yellow napkins wrapped around suckers so that they look and throw like penalty flags! Perfect!Super Birthday Bowl Super Bowl Birthday Party treatsSuper Birthday Bowl Super Bowl Birthday Party treatsSuper Birthday Bowl Super Bowl Birthday Party treatsSuper Birthday Bowl Super Bowl Birthday Party penalty flag napkinsSuper Birthday Bowl Super Bowl Birthday PartySuper-Birthday-Bowl-11

We found a plastic tablecloth that looked like a football field and had various football-y foods like wings and chips as well as girly things like wraps!  The food was serve-yourself-style so everyone could eat as they pleased during the game and they were free to mingle and wander between the kitchen and the living room. It turned out perfectly!Super-Birthday-BowlSuper-Birthday-Bowl-2 Super-Birthday-Bowl-4 Super-Birthday-Bowl-5 Super-Birthday-Bowl-6 Super-Birthday-Bowl-7 Super-Birthday-Bowl-17 Super-Birthday-Bowl-18 Super-Birthday-Bowl-19Super-Birthday-Bowl-8

Forgive the quality of these next few pictures as they were taken on a phone, but here is me and my husband’s grandma celebrating our birthday’s together!Emily 25 2Emily 25

And one blooper from when I was a little too tired while decorating the night before *hand palm emoji*!Blooper