“The Lovely Lunch” A Utah Blogger Meet-Up

Just catching up on my what I did last week! One of those things was attending this absolutely adorable luncheon, “The Lovely Lunch” with these beautiful ladies!The Lovely Lunch Coolest Table

On Saturday I met up with my sister, Worthington Ave., my photographer Diana Putnam Photograhy, and fellow fashion blogger Dayey Mae to drive up to Cottonwood Heights to attend “The Lovely Lunch” where we met up with a whole bunch of my other blogger friends like Meme Jayne & TaziaLynne! Then we snagged a table and made friends with Reebue, Kim Stafford Style, & Flor de Luz who were sitting with us. Coolest table award! We definitely deserved a picture together so we took these! (taken by Diana Putnam Photograhy)The Lovely Lunch, a utah blogger meet up, Coolest Table Diana Putnam PhotographyLeft to Right: TaziaLynneDayey MaeKim Stafford StyleMeme JayneReebue, Me, Lovely Deseret, Flor de Luz, & Worthington Ave.The Lovely Lunch, a utah blogger meet up, Coolest Table Diana Putnam PhotographyAnd of course one with photographer Diana Putnam Photograhy!

The Lovely Lunch was hosted by Looks for Lovelies and Cents of Style who did an amazing job with this little event! There were about 70 bloggers there and we just chatted it up and mingled about then listened to a few speakers!

Believe in Yourself:
Courtney Brown (CEO and founder of Cents of Style) shared the story behind starting her own business. She talked about the importance about “telling your story” in all that you do. She said sometimes you fear that people will be bored or not care… but what if its what someone needed to hear and it inspires them to follow their dreams! I loved hearing her say that! I also really liked what she said about doing your own thing (business/blog) for your own personal fulfillment. When she said that it was like a light went off for me! Duh! THAT’s exactly why I love doing my own thing and running my own blog, I LOVE the personal fulfillment that it brings me to create something where there was once nothing, I love seeing things realize before my eyes that were once just ideas in my head! She also talked about the importance of knowing your strengths and weaknesses and hiring out things that aren’t your strengths (another great point.) She talked about 3 points to live by that she learned from her dad: Work Hard, Make Good Choices, and Have Fun. I love those! I also loved when she said we have to ask ourselves “Who am I? Why am I special? & What do I bring to the table?” Those really got me thinking about me and this blog! I am special and I have so much to say that many other people aren’t talking about. So here I come world!

Growing Your Instagram:
Natashia from The Mumsy Blog spoke about efficient ways to run and grow your blog’s  instagram account based on what she learned from Alison J Prince‘s breakout session at Alt in January.  I loved what she said about using the Gleam app for giveaways instead of ordinary loop giveaways!

Monetizing Your Blog:
Sandyalamode spoke about ways to monetize your blog based on what she learned from Redefined Mom‘s breakout session at Alt. She mentioned if you’re a small blogger, its okay, you can still reach out to brands because you still have a voice. I love that! She talked about monetizing via affiliate programs, blogger networks, hosting giveaways, banner ads, and sponsored posts. She also mentioned to focus your money stream on 2-3 forms of revenue from that list and not to stretch yourself too thin by trying to do it all.

Looks for Lovelies, the host for The Lovely Lunch, wrapped it up with her summary of what she learned from Cardigan Empire‘s class at alt about networking. She said networking at an event should resemble farming instead of hunting (think planting seeds!) She mentioned how you should always be asking questions to find something in common with each person so that you can remember each other and establish your friendship. And most importantly, don’t forget to follow up with your new friends!

And just a few pictures I snapped with my phone before we left!The Lovely Lunch utah blogger meetup Lovely Deseret and TaziaLynn fashion bloggersTaziaLynne and I finally met each other after tons of convos!

The Lovely Lunch utah blogger meetup Lovely Deseret and photographer Diana Putnam PhotographyI’m so blessed to have such an amazing friend photographer Diana Putnam Photograhy!

The Lovely Lunch utah blogger meetup Lovely Deseret and Dayley Mae fashion bloggersDayley Mae is so gorgeous! She and I actually met back at BYU in an advertising class!

The Lovely Lunch utah blogger meetup Lovely Deseret and Worthington Ave utah bloggersAnd my favorite blogger in the whole entire world and not just cause she’s my sister…Worthington Ave.! She is so beautiful and smart and sweet AND funny! Seriously head on over to her blog and read how cute her little voice is when she writes! I love it! (And her baby is ADORABLE!)

Anyway, that’s just a little bit about my experience at this cute little luncheon! I also reconnected with Our Life is Beautiful, Megan who just started Cahoots Fitness (YES! FINALLY a women’s gym with a barre class in Lehi!) I also finally met Heidi from Jane.com, Emma’s Parlor, Classy Cosmetics, Happy Confetti, and RockTheMomJeans! Yay for new friends!

Emily, Lovely Deseret