Tide Dry Cleaners Review & Giveaway!

Tide, my favorite clothing detergent brand, has decided to open their own dry cleaning stores across the country! Tide knows clothes, fabrics, textiles, and detergents better than anyone and who better to also take care of our dry cleaning! I’ve always been a little nervous about dry cleaning because I didn’t understand how it worked, how to use it, how long it took, how much it cost, what needed to be dry cleaned, etc! But Tide Dry Cleaners solved all of those questions and now they are my go-to dry cleaners! Tide Dry Cleaners is the only place I trust with my beloved Janay Marie! (the dress below!)

Fashion blogger gives a Tide Dry Cleaning Review

Tide Dry Cleaners has opened two locations near me in Utah! One in South Jordan and one in Draper! Tide Dry Cleaners South Jordan is having their Grand Opening on Saturday April 16th and everyone who stops in that day will get two garments cleaned for free! (so pick your two items you want cleaned and take your friends!) FM 100.3 will be there from 10-12!

I was invited to a behind-the-scenes tour of Tide Dry Cleaners South Jordan (near The District & Daybreak.) Tide is unique because while all other dry cleaners take your clothing into an unseen back room to clean them, Tide’s cleaning room is open to the check-in counter and even to the outside windows! So you can visit Tide Dry Cleaners and see all of the things in my video for yourself from the front!

Tide Dry Cleaners Tour:

So what exactly is dry cleaning?:

Did you know dry cleaning isn’t dry?! I had no idea! Dry cleaning is actually wet, just like washing, except for that the clothing is washed in a solvent instead of water! Tide’s special dry cleaning machines can be set to exactly the settings and solvent mixture needed for that item or that load (so my fancy sequin dress was placed in it’s own individual bag and washed on a super gentle cycle) and the drying setting is built into the same machine. Our clothing goes in dry and dirty and doesn’t come out till it’s clean and dry again! Then they take the clothing to their steaming/ironing section and use these super cool steamer machines to get any wrinkles out. (Seriously their steaming machines are so efficient they make me wonder why I even try on my own!) See my video all of this!

Here’s how Tide Dry Cleaning works:

When we first drop off our clothing, it is sorted based on what it’s made of. They read each clothing label’s care instructions and will decide exactly how it needs to be washed or dry cleaned. (You can even make special requests for a specific item if you want scent-free, etc!) Then it’s either taken to the washing side of the room or the dry cleaning side of the room. Regular washing works pretty much like normal (except that you don’t have to wash it yourself, so definitely still better!) and then they press and iron all items super efficiently and professionally! Dry cleaning


Fashion blogger gives a Tide Dry Cleaning Review

Fashion blogger gives a Tide Dry Cleaners Review

The first time you visit Tide Dry Cleaning:

The first time you use them, you bring your clothes to the front counter where they take your name and contact info. You give them your clothes and walk away or you can stand there for a bit and watch them sort your clothes and watch the machines operating in the back! When you leave, download the Tide app and you can check in on your clothes and see when they are done a few days later! You can even arrange for them to be dropped off free of charge! Make sure you ask them for your very own Tide laundry bag!

All subsequent visits to Tide Dry Cleaning:

The next time you go into Tide Dry Cleaning you can just drive up to the drive thru and either hand them your laundry bag through the window during business hours, or drop your laundry bag at their 24/7 laundry shoot! Your bag is tagged with a little tag specific to you so they know who’s it is. Each time they wash an item, they also put a small water-resistant tag inside it which they can scan and see who’s it is at any time during the cleaning process or any time you drop it off again!  When you pick up your dry cleaning, you can either drive up to the drive through and they’ll bring it out to you during business hours, or you can use their redbox-style pick up box! (see the end of my video!)

Fashion blogger gives a Tide Dry Cleaning ReviewFashion blogger gives a Tide Dry Cleaning ReviewFashion blogger gives a Tide Dry Cleaning ReviewFashion blogger gives a Tide Dry Cleaning Review

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P.S. The beautiful dress shown in these pictures is my custom Janay Marie! You can see it on in this post!